Unconditional love is a fairy tale?

On a hot summer day, what’s a girl to do? Well, make one of the best summer {or really anytime} treats! And daydream about love I suppose . . .

Rice Krispy Treats – 1 stick of butter, 1 10oz bag of marshmallows and about 6c of cereal. Melt the butter over medium heat, add marshmallows and stir until smooth. Slowly add the cereal and coat well. Press into a pan with a buttered spoon. Cool at room temperature. And voila! Yummy, simple goodness.

So as I’m melting butter and marshmallows, measuring crispy rice cereal, putting it all together in yummy goodness, and my mind drifts to love – only natural, of course, because food is also love. Or at least it can be among other things. And when I was younger, I believed in unconditional love. Someone to accept you no matter what and love you all the same.

It’s ironic that physical distance can sometimes bring people closer; upon my move to Arizona my uncle in Florida and I reconnected via email. It was during one of those virtual conversations that the topic of unconditional love came up. He doesn’t believe in it. His argument? That it’s unfair to expect even his loving wife of more than fifteen years to feel the same way about him if he were to commit a deal breaker like cheating. While each relationship is different, as are people, there are conditions on love.

I think unconditional love is more widely felt between parents and children rather than romantic relationships, but I bet there are a fair share of people who can argue with that notion as well. Maybe unconditional love really is a fairy tale.

About the time I’m pressing my soon-to-be Rice Krispy Treats with a buttered spoon in a pan to cool, I hear Derby – the newest addition to our family. He’s at my feet, his whiskered face looking up at me; he’s ready for me to sit down so he can curl up in my lap. Derby has been my shadow since my husband and I brought him home Saturday. And at night, he lays as close to my face as I will let him, burrowing into my pillow, neck, hair.

Derby helping me in the kitchen!

Yes, I know he’s just a cat. Yet the very idea of someone taking me from my mother at such a young age and sending me off with a complete stranger is terrifying. But there is so much trust filling up this tiny animal. He truly believes he is in good hands and loves without question. I don’t want to let him down.

There is truth in the saying, “Dear God, please let me be the person my dog {or cat, in this case} thinks I am.”  So much innocence, yes. But also faith and trust. And I think, too, unconditional love.

These are plain-jane but super good! Some folks love using Fruity Pebbles instead of regular rice cereal. And of course, you can add food coloring, chocolate chips, whole mini marshmallows or your favorite candy for somethin’ special. An extra treat? Melt about 1/2c peanut butter & 1/2c chocolate chips together, spread over the cereal cooling in the pan and allow to set. A rich, very tasty treat!!


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